We deliver our Spas All Year Long


The Forever floor – Is compressed fiberglass which is the base that your spa sits on. Find a spot that is close to the area that you think your spa is going to sit in the summer (adjust it or move it in the Spring if it isn’t quite right)

 Arctic Insulation - Free Heat

Insulation – We have taken our insulation to the next level. Already the best insulated cabinet in the world, our FreeHeat Insulation system did not escape the exacting eye of our engineers. Our overlap door insulation design removes the last opportunity for heat loss and captures even more residual equipment heat.

To monitor this increased capacity for trapping waste heat, we have enabled our spa packs to take in internal cabinet temperature data and to activate the innovative RossExhaust™ system to balance the cabinet temperature when required.

Made in Canada for Minnesota winters – 

Residual heat from our equipment, primarily our High Flow Energy Efficient motors, is allowed to penetrate through the fiberglass shell.

This maintains spa water temperature and eliminates many of the heater cycles that other designs, particularly foam-filled insulated designs have to run. Fewer heater cycles mean a lower power bill each and every month.

True Freeze Protection

One last benefit of the FreeHeat design that we hope you never need is the ability of the spa water’s heat to keep the cabinet from freezing in a power outage situation. Without any insulation between the water and the cabinet, heat energy transfer can work in both directions.

In our testing, and from anecdotal evidence, you have about 5 days, at -20ºC before freezing occurs within the cabinet and adding an alternate heat source (space heater, trouble light) can prolong this grace period indefinitely. Nice to have some margin for error, isn’t it?

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