Weekly Coupon May 9-15

Spot Light on… Algae Preventatives

We recommend a weekly dose of Algae Inhibitor as part of the Bioguard 3 Step Care System.  Both of these products work great!  Ask us which would be better for your pool.
23050BIO back up 2
Back Up 2
  • This is the newest addition to the BioGuard Algicide family; it has been re-
    formulated, which allows you to lower the dosage without lowering the effectiveness
  • Highly effective at inhibiting and killing algae
  • It has even been known to kill water bugs! Ask us about it!
Algae All 60
  • This non-foaming, non-staining formula works in chlorinated or brominated pools to inhibit stubborn algae growths.
    • Excellent for use with pools with attached spas or fountains
    • Prevents all types of algae
    • Non-foaming and non-staining
    • Will not affect pH
Check out the weekly coupon below to save money preventing algae this season!
May 9 Coupon
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