When should I open my pool

Spring is the time when all things Minnesota start to move again. If its time to open the pool, drain and refill the hot tub, break out the docks, and start all the water related projects ….ready, set,…. go!

Open your pool: Most pools need you to raise the water level before the technician arrives to open them.  If your pool has collected water up to the top or higher than the skimmer openings, it is recommended to use a submersible pump to lower the water to the middle of the skimmer openings. If you do not have a submersible pump, the water can be lowered by backwashing or running the water to waste after the service techs starts the equipment.

Remember to put your cover pump out to insure that any spring rains don’t collect on the cover and rip it. All parts should be available so the service techs won’t have to come back or charge you for parts that you already have. Most companies are opening 10 pools a day and slowing down is not an option.

Change your Spa Water: The water in your spa has been working all winter getting filtered and recirculated over and over again. With such a small body of water it needs to be changed. Flushing the lines should always be done and is easy with enzymes. Turn all the jets on, pull the filters, pour in the product and you will be amazed how it cleans. Rinse your filters well. Clean the shell and refill the tub. The largest complaint is that balancing the water can be difficult. You can always get professional water recommendations from your local pool store, it’s what they are there for.


Dock Repair: If you have a permanent, portable, standing, floating or suspended dock they all need some TLC in the spring. You need to make sure that it is secured and checked for rot, damage and you can plan any expansions before you start your repairs.  If you need a contractor they are heading into the busy season and you won’t be the only one waiting for help. A quick inspection each spring will insure you avoid problems in the summer.open pool
Spring is the season of growth and repair. When the snow, and ice disappear it leaves behind projects galore. Lets get them all done early so we can play hard while the sun shines and the weather is warm.

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