Just Swim Seasonal Service Program

Premier Pool & Spa understands how important your swimming pool is to you. It is a place to celebrate, relax, and escape from your daily routine.

Having a swimming pool brings your family lots of joy, However we understand how maintenance time can cut into family fun time. Our certified technicians will make sure that your pool is always sparkling Blue.

Just Swim Package (22 weeks) includes Pool Opening, Weekly Pool Service, 1 equipment Inspection and Pool Closing with winterizing chemical kit.

The fine details:

  • Complete weekly water test
  • Maintenance chemicals – Chlorine, Balancers, Sequestering agents and filter aids as needed
  • Clean & start automatic/robotic pool cleaner
  • Brush Swimming pool interior
  • Skim water surface
  • Clean all skimmer baskets and main drain covers
  • Backwash or clean cartridge filters as needed
  • Clean hair and leaf strainer
  • Monitor proper system operations
  • Mid-season Pool inspection and report. Includes liner, pump, filter, heater, auto cover, maintenance equipment, decking, pool structure and water test

For full details and pricing, click on the pdf link below:

2018 Premier EB

Please contact Pati with any questions 952-368-6070 Pati@premierpools.com